The world’s most important story is the one we tell ourselves about who we are.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we each have an internal story that dictates how we think and act. Our story becomes our identity.
We believe this story to be “true" but in reality, the story we’ve been telling ourselves is just one version of the truth. What if we rewrote it by focusing on different memories, perspectives, or interpretations of significant events in our lives? 
Each of us is free to rewrite our internal story in a way that points us toward the life we want. That story, more than any other, will shape who we are. That’s why it’s the world’s most important story.
Here’s an exercise: pick a different career (or life) path than the one you’re on. For example, imagine you’re about to run for Congress, go to nursing school, or move to Costa Rica. Better yet, pick a real goal of your own. Then figure out a way to tell your story so that it leads organically to this goal. You can do it!