A client was invited to speak on “how technology is enabling omnichannel commerce experiences.” When I asked what her top goal was for the presentation, she said, "I want to grab their attention and stand out from the parade of speakers." 

I suggested she open her speech as follows: “I’ve prepared two presentation options for you to choose from: Option 1 is ‘The Future of Omnichannel Commerce.’ Option 2 is ‘5 Secrets to Being a Great Lover.’ Which would you like to hear?”

She went with this idea, the audience chose Option 2, and my client shared the “5 Secrets to Being a Great Lover.” Each "secret" helped introduce a related insight on omnichannel commerce. Gimmicky? Sure, but it worked. My client has had people recognize her and say “hey, you’re the Love Lady!” And she’s been invited to give the presentation at other conferences.

Most content we encounter is bland. Adding some spice can make yours more flavorful and memorable…just ask the Love Lady!