A few weeks ago, I met a potential new client. Her company had a sales meeting coming up – their first one ever. After a few conversations, we agreed that I could help them. So I presented a proposal to the company’s leaders.

The presentation went well. I could clearly envision the project moving forward: providing a steady stream of work and income for the next four months, and resulting in an event that exceeded all expectations.

Yesterday I learned that the clients decided they can handle the workload internally, without my assistance.

Today, as I recover from the sting of seeing a large, interesting project disappear, I’m reminding myself that though I’m a writer, I can’t script the outcomes I want. What I can do is faithfully play my part: show up, listen carefully, offer to help, and respect the client’s decision.

By definition, this one was not meant to be. Which means I’m ready to tackle what's next. Bring it on!