A couple of months ago, at the end of a long work week, I was browsing Netflix looking for something not-too-taxing to watch for an hour or two. Somewhat randomly I settled on Planet Earth II. (No, I’d never seen Planet Earth I.)
If you’re like me and haven’t watched a nature documentary in decades, I can report that the genre has come a long way since the “Wild Kingdom” broadcasts of my youth.
Planet Earth (both I and II, I’ve now watched both series) is breathtaking. It captures wildlife from across the globe doing their thing: hunting, grazing, playing, migrating, mating. The photography is stunning and David Attenborough’s narration feels perfect for the subject matter.
After years of following the news cycle way too closely, watching Planet Earth was a mind (and soul) expanding experience, a reminder that the world around us is miraculous, epic, and inspiring. If you’re feeling boxed in by the national news, I strongly suggest visiting Planet Earth