’s website entices people to fork over $99 for a DNA test by inviting them to “discover your unique story.” In one of their commercials, we meet a guy who trades in his lederhosen for a kilt after learning that his background is Scottish.

An estimated twelve million people have taken the leap and been tested by companies like Ancestry and

While some people have their “lederhosen-to-kilt” moments of discovery, most of the folks I’ve spoken with are underwhelmed or disappointed by what they learn. Why? The (often inaccurate) results failed to deliver any enlightening insights about who they are.  

Your unique story doesn’t hinge on where your ancestors might have lived. I'd argue that it doesn't depend on anything in your past. The story that matters is in your future, and you have everything you need to create the next chapter.

Now that we’ve saved you $99, let’s go out for a nice dinner and talk about what's next!