Two years ago, I posted a Mind Mint praising Uber, after discovering how superior its service was compared to my local taxi and car service options. Now I’m retracting that endorsement.
While the service may be great, there’s a growing body of evidence that the company isn’t. They systematically mistreat female employees, illegally work around regulators, and break rules as they see fit in order to keep growing.
So I recently exercised my capitalism-given right as a consumer and switched to Lyft. While Lyft has some issues of its own (including investor Peter Thiel, a major Trump supporter), Lyft's record is far better than Uber’s when it comes to business practices.
As consumers, we can influence how companies do business by voting with our wallets for those that share our values (or at least don’t blatantly violate them). For those of us managing businesses, we can work on creating the type of organizations that customers want to support.