“That’s a great piece,” said a member of my writers group after I shared a new story I’d written. I was happy to hear that feedback and see the other writers nod in agreement.

But the piece I shared was a second draft, and by definition, my second drafts aren’t fully realized. So I made it clear to the group (which tends to be very positive/supportive) that I wanted them to put on their critic’s hats. They complied:

Actually…the section about your aunt goes on a little long/You might introduce the backwards laugh idea sooner/Feels like it’s missing one killer beat near the end/The washing dishes thing wasn’t that funny.

They saw and heard things that I couldn’t, giving me insights that led me to rewrite the piece. While the story’s main idea is intact, many of the details were changed – for the better – thanks to their input.

By putting my ego on pause, I got feedback that helped me improve my work. In the end, my ego and I both won.

My story was selected to be part of Listen to Your Mother/North Jersey, taking place on Saturday, May 13th 2017. Thirteen talented women and I will each share a story about mothers and/or motherhood. I’d love to see you there! Click here for ticket info.