I was born a few years too early to have watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood as a kid.

But as an adult, I’m awed and inspired by Fred Rogers’ life and body of work. If you’re not familiar with him, put “Fred Rogers” into Google and prepare to go down a wormhole of wonder.

At the core of Mr. Rogers’ effectiveness and success was a heartfelt commitment to his audience. Fred Rogers cared deeply about his viewers, understood what they needed, and went to extraordinary lengths (including this legendary testimony before Congress in support of public broadcasting) to serve their interests.

When we’re fully committed to serving our audience, we push ourselves to do our best work. We owe it to ourselves and our audiences to develop that level of commitment.

Thanks to my client and friend Josef Reum for sparking this Mind Mint with his blog post and for pointing me to this old but beautiful profile of Fred Rogers.