We’ve just lived through two of the saddest, most disheartening weeks in recent memory. And we’re on the eve of a political spectacle that promises to take us to new depths.

It's a struggle knowing how to respond to the chaos around us. My best idea at the moment is to fight off the feelings of hopelessness with an offer of helpfulness: What can I do now or in the weeks ahead to help you?

I’m not talking about paid work (though that’s always welcome); I’m talking about being of service to you in any way I can. For example, I could:

  • provide feedback on something you’ve written
  • support a cause that’s close to your heart
  • listen to you complain about your boss/spouse/kid/coworker/neighbor/etc.
  • brainstorm about a business or personal challenge

As long as it doesn't involve moving heavy furniture, I'm open to your requests. 

I can’t end racism or terrorism or gun violence, but I can try to bring an open heart and a helpful hand to the people around me. I hope you’ll take me up on the offer!