I have been a loyal Jockey briefs guy since my teens. When I noticed a recent batch showing signs of wear after a few washes, I did some Googling and saw I wasn’t alone. Apparently Jockey has issues with their product quality.

I called Jockey customer service. They denied knowledge of any problem and sent me free replacements that also wore out quickly. Two chances is enough, so I decided I’m done with Jockey.

While this isn’t the first time a brand has disappointed me, this one chafes more than most. I feel disappointed, even angry. I thought we had a deal: Jockey will make good underwear and I will buy it forever. They broke the deal. 

I will find a new brand and move on, but not until I turn my underwear woes into a message: our brand is our promise. If we break that promise more than once, we’ll go the way of my Jockeys.

BTW, suggestions for a new brand of briefs are welcome.