Most of us have work-related tasks that anniversary every year: things like budgeting and planning, sales meetings, and annual reports.  
Typically, the first question we ask as the project approaches is “what did we do last year?” It’s not a bad question; the answer can provide a useful point of reference and eliminate the need to reinvent every detail.
The problem with the question is that we once we answer it, “last year” can become the frame through which we view this year’s project. This frame can easily become a limiting factor…a box from which we’ll never escape.
Sometimes it’s worth leaving last year in the past, and approaching a project as if this was Year One. Adopting a "beginner’s mind" can be a freeing experience, enabling you to re-ask the big questions about the project. You may discover new answers and a new approach to the task at hand.
But don’t get too attached to the new approach; you’ll need to put it aside when you take a fresh look at the project next year!