My wife and 12-year-old daughter spent all day Friday and Saturday waiting in lines so that my daughter could spend a few seconds meeting (and being photographed with) Connor Franta. Thousands of other teens, tweens and their parents did the same thing. They came from long distances and stood in lines, outside, for hours, in unseasonably cool temperatures.
Which begs the question, “Who the hell is Connor Franta?” Here’s what I’ve learned: he’s one of a growing category of “YouTube Sensations,” vloggers who post videos regularly and develop huge followings. Connor’s videos are sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt, and often personal. He delivers a positive, “don’t be afraid to be yourself” message, in weekly videos that have reasonably good production values. He possesses no special talent in the traditional sense.  
I don’t fully understand Connor Franta’s appeal (or that of his vlogger peers), but I know this: it’s a new thing, it’s a real thing, and we’ll be seeing much more of it in the years ahead.