Ringo Starr, George Harrison and The Beatles’ producer George Martin each expressed regrets about the large volume of material included on The White Album. Martin said, “we should have made a very, very good single album, rather than a double.”

When an interviewer asked Paul McCartney to comment on his colleagues’ regrets, Sir Paul had a clear and direct response: “I’m not a great one for that, you know, ‘maybe it was too many of them.’ What do you mean? It was great. It sold. It’s the bloody Beatles’ White Album. Shut up."

That line struck me when I first saw it on The Beatles Anthology documentary a number of years ago, perhaps because I sometimes second guess my work after its completed and successful. I think McCartney has the right idea: even if our work isn't The White Album, we should focus on what's next, not what's behind us. It has certainly worked for Paul! 

Watch the 9-second clip of Paul's line on YouTube.