t’s one of my favorite stories: my wife asked my (then) 3 year-old son to see what I was doing. He ran down the hall, looked into the bedroom (where I was on the computer) then yelled to my wife, “Daddy’s working. He’s pushing the buttons.”

My son’s description was accurate. In fact, most of our jobs can reduced to this level: we go to meetings...talk on the phone...look at screens. While none of us would describe our work in such literal terms, we often fall into the trap of defining our work in terms of tasks when focusing on results would tell a better story.

For example: Developers don’t just write code; they turn computers into useful tools for people. Salespeople don’t just peddle products; they connect customers with solutions to a problem. Photographers don’t just take pictures; they capture memories and tell stories through pictures.  

As for me, I don’t just write speeches; I create experiences that influence people. Or in other words, I push buttons.