Growing up, my family had a copy of the 1968 Original Cast Recording of Promises, Promises, which became my favorite Broadway score. My favorite track is “Turkey Lurkey Time,” which features an extended (and awesome) instrumental break.
I later found out later that Turkey Lurkey Time is legendary amongst theater geeks, less for the music and more for the dancing. The number does absolutely nothing to advance the plot; it’s only purpose is to close Act 1 on a high note. And it consistently brought audiences to their feet.
A few months ago, I found a video of Turkey Lurkey Time on YouTube, from the 1969 Tony Awards broadcast. Watching it makes me incredibly grateful: grateful that a bunch of artists came together to conceive, choreograph, orchestrate, rehearse and perform this…grateful that it was recorded and posted online…grateful that my parents went to see it and then got us the recording…grateful that I can watch the video and imagine what it would have been like to have been there.
If you've got any theater geek at all in you, invest 3:50 in watching the video (or start at 1:55 if you can only spare 2 minutes). Even if it's not your thing, I hope it inspires you to think of some other quirky thing that makes you insanely thankful. 

I wish you a (one week early) Happy Thanksgiving.