Happy customers spread the word about the source of their happiness. Here’s proof.

I travel to and from Newark Airport fairly frequently. Only recently did I begin to use Uber (Uber X to be specific) instead of a local car service and airport taxis. Let’s compare the “before" and "after” experiences

  • Before Uber, I had to call a day in advance, and slowly give my information to a sleepy dispatcher. With Uber, I click a button on the Uber app 10 minutes before I want to leave.
  • Before Uber, I waited and prayed that the car would come on time (which it often didn’t). With Uber, I get an estimated arrival time and track the driver’s progress via the app. 
  •  Before Uber, I rode in cars that were usually well past their prime and sometimes truly dilapidated. With Uber, I’ve gotten a modern, comfortable vehicle every time.  
  • Before Uber, I needed to bring exact change, since I couldn’t count on the driver having change, and using a credit card meant a $5 surcharge. With Uber, my credit card gets charged automatically at the end of the trip.

Here’s the kicker: the cost (with tip) before Uber? $50. The cost with Uber? $17. In summary, Uber beats the competition on every major parameter at 1/3rd of the price.
May we all strive to provide a product or service that inspires happiness and motivates customers to sing (or blog) our praises.