Over the past year, I’ve received many compliments on my new website and Mind Mints, which are the two biggest elements of my online identity.

Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to express my gratitude for (and share credit with) the folks who contributed their talents to help me look my best:

·      Daniel Boyles of LightPress.net designed my website.
·      Tim Townsend took photos of me for my website.
·      James Worrell created the photo for the Mind Mints home page.
·      Avi Graiver of Animation Cowboy created my new explainer video.
·      Jim Coleman composed music for the video.

I’m grateful to each of them for their great work and great attitude.

While we're on the subject, I’m grateful to all of you – my clients, colleagues, and friends – for your business, friendship, and support. Happy Thanksgiving!